Contratos Empresariais | JR Amaral Advogados

Areas of Practice

Commercial Contracts

  • Preparation, revision and negotiation of preliminary agreements (memorandums of understanding, letters of intent and non-disclosure and non-competition agreements), as well as the various kinds of agreements, whether typical or not, provided for in Brazilian legislation.
  • Advisory in preparation, revision and negotiation of civil construction and real estate development agreements (contracted work, construction administration and management).
  • Advisory in preparation, revision and negotiation of agribusiness agreements, such as lease, partnership, structured transactions involving credit instruments specifically targeted at this segment, including agribusiness credit rights certificates (CDCAs), agricultural product certificates (CPRs) and others intended for financing or advance payment of production.
  • Advisory in preparation, revision and negotiation of eminently commercial agreements and general services agreements, such as product distribution, agency, toll manufacturing, purchase and sale of commercial establishment, operation and maintenance (O&M) and professional services (including consultancy).
  • Legal advisory in preparation, revision and negotiation of financial agreements involving loans in the country and abroad, derivatives instruments, syndicated loans, pre-payment of exports, exchange currency agreements.
  • Advisory in transfer of obligations, with agreements for assignment of credits and debt assumption, as well as in preparation, revision and negotiation of agreements relating to such transfer.
  • Advisory in extinction of contractual obligations, including extrajudicial measures intended at performance, termination, dissolution and rescission of the agreements.

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